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Randy is Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions at Voluntis. He is a pediatrician, an attorney and was CIO of a large primary care practice in suburban Seattle before moving to Boston. For the last decade, he has worked for a series of companies, helping them understand issues and build products at the intersection of clinical care processes, payment systems, and health information technology.
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For 2020, Medicare expands and refines Remote Physiologic Monitoring

In 2019, Medicare began to pay for clinics to monitor their patients remotely, under its Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) program.  Recently finalized rules for 2020 expand the opportunity, while refining, if only slightly, what kind of care is expected. 

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Small Practices Well Positioned to Start Medicare’s New Remote Patient Monitoring

In the Fall of 2018, Medicare approved the rules for how they would pay for three new remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) codes.  These codes mark significant progress in payment for patient care occurring outside of the office.  There are requirements to learn, but they make sense for physicians and other qualified providers working with their staff in the care of patients with chronic disease.

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