Barbara Eichorst, MS, RD, CDE

Barbara is the Diabetes Clinical Liaison at Voluntis. Previously, she has been a Vice President of Clinical Care responsible for leading a global patient-centric self-management education of 126 countries. Barbara’s experience from the last 20 years includes working with a national insulin titration initiative, directing provider and approver units at the American Association of Diabetes Educators, managing a diabetes education program at Rush University Medical Center, and providing patient care at Chicago based academic institutions such as Loyola University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Barbara’s professional focus is on behavioral interventions in disease management, insulin titration, and digital therapeutics. She has contributed to multiple publications, public speaking, and key opinion leadership with her expertise in diabetes patient/provider engagement, self-management education, insulin titration and digital therapeutics.
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Translating the Science of Digital Insulin Titration into Practice

Mar 13, 2019 11:32:28 AM / by Barbara Eichorst, MS, RD, CDE posted in titration, cde, hcp, pwd, insulin optimization, insulin affordability, insulin therapy, medication optimization, dsmes, digital insulin titration, insulin titration


Years ago, when I was working as a dietitian at a diabetes clinic, part of my job was to help people with type 2 diabetes (PWD-T2) titrate their insulin. Being a dietitian, most of the adjustments were related to meal planning, like manipulating food to achieve desirable glucose goals. PWD and I were figuring out the carb to insulin ratio, the right amount of protein vs. fat, and meal/snack timing. Unfortunately, the insulin adjustment conversations always ended in “Talk to your doctor about your insulin adjustment.”

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Insulia® is a prescription-only software medical device intended for use by healthcare professionals and their type 2 adult diabetes patients treated with long-acting insulin analogs as an aid in the management of diabetes. Please carefully read product instructions before use. Insulia is only indicated for use with insulin detemir (Levemir® U-100) once or twice daily, insulin degludec (Tresiba® U-100) once daily and insulin glargine (Lantus® U-100, Toujeo® U-300 and Basaglar® U-100) once daily. Insulia should not be used for basal dose recommendations with intermediate-acting insulin (NPH – Neutral Protamine Hagedorn) nor with premixed insulin. Insulia is not intended for use by pregnant women, non-adult patients or patients that are treated with a basal-plus or a basal-bolus regimen (i.e. including multiple mealtime insulin injections per day or insulin pump therapy).
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